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Major and Minor Scales for Lead Guitar Explained - Why are you learning the guitar? The most obvious answer for aspiring lead guitarists would probably be to master the various scales and to play blazing solos on stage.

How To Select An Upright Piano For Your Home - An

The Handcrafted Electrial Music Machine the Synclavier - The synclavier is not an instrument; it is an electronic device that adds something to music.

A Discussion About The XM Gun - This article is about the XM8 and other guns for the troops.

Why Do People Pierce Their Bodies - The practice of body piercing is as old as humanity itself and is making a comeback along with the popularity of tribal tattoos; one need only look closely at the players in professional sports such as basketball and football to see this phenomenon.

Factors That Make Men Want To Leave - Men will leave for many reasons, but you will want to consider the fact that your behaviors are what will push them over the end.

What Activities For the Elderly Are You Offering - October 7 2007 is it's International Day of Older Persons.

Online Dating The Phenomenon - Online Dating is one of the hottest topics in today?s world and indeed many people can read about it on a number of different websites dedicated specifically to the promotion of the online relationship and singles world.

Getting Started with Social Networking - Getting Started With Social Networking Sites like MySpace, FaceBook, FriendsWin, LinkedIn.

Create an Irresistible Silhouette with a Bustier Garter Belt Ensemble - You can find a bustiers & bustier sets or camisole and garter belt set to fit your mood and your desire for romance.

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