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Create an Irresistible Silhouette with a Bustier Garter Belt Ensemble

A lot of women's lingerie fashion, has its origins in women's outerwear or day wear. The bustier is really a short version of the corset, which was used extensively to shape a woman silhouette to accent her waist. Why so much attention on the waist? A woman's waist is the main thing that makes her silhouette different from that of a man's; it's what gives her those dangerous curves. A lot of women's lingerie is designed to accent this exact feature, a small waistline while also accenting the breasts and the hips. Today the bustier has become a part of many women's wardrobe.

In lingerie fashion, the bustier has become a romantic complement to a couple's private time. Bustiers are available in many different fabrics, such as silk, lace, satin and materials such as leather, latex and fur. The beauty of this lingerie garment, is that it can conceal the body in a way that makes it even more attractive. The main purpose of corsets in the time they were worn everyday was to cinch a woman's waist to make her outer garments fit in a form flattering manner. Now women are discovering how the bustier can enhance their eveningwear as well as their bedroom wear.

Many times the bustier has taken center stage in the fashion world; Madonna inspired of whole new generation of women to enjoy the sexual attraction this garment provides. In addition to the bustier, women are exploring the sexiness of using garters and stockings once again; men have been stopped in their tracks by watching a woman carefully adjusting her garter and stockings. Using a bustier is not the only item that has been paired with garter belts and stockings, the camisole, Is also a piece of lingerie which could be considered the cousin of the bustier. This soft version of form fitting lingerie is now receiving new attention being paired with matching sets of garter belts. Few things more exciting than watching a woman disrobe only to reveal seductive lingerie.

So why not give your lover of treat and perform a slow, sexy strip tease as part of your foreplay. You can find bustiers & bustier sets or camisole and garter belt sets to fit your mood and your desire for romance. There are an endless number of ways you can combine stockings with your cami garter belt sets to create the sensual atmosphere you desire.

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