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The Handcrafted Electrial Music Machine the Synclavier

The synclavier is not an instrument; it is an electronic device that adds something to music. More specifically, it was a synthesizer and sampler that was created by New England Digital. It was first introduced to the market in 1975 and was quickly picked up by musicians who relied on electric instruments. Music producers were also attracted to the synclavier because of its unique sound.

The synclavier was the first of many to come as music changed and more digital technology was integrated into music. It would not be long before other newer version of the synclavier would be out on the market.

When the synclavier first came out, it was extremely expensive. As a result, many musicians who had the benefit of one had acquired it through a music producer or recording studios.

Other musicians were out of luck because they simply could not afford it. People who had the money to spend on such an item were not disappointed. Synclaviers were built with custom parts by hand and were built to the highest specifications that were set at the time; all meaning that this was state of the art equipment that would not disappoint.

It is little wonder that the system was so attractive to people involved in music. It allowed people to take their new and unique music just one step further. Musicians and music producers were, and still are, always looking for the new and different music that will make a hit and be a major success. The synclavier offered them this opportunity in a new and different way, which was too hard to be passed by.

After the synclavier had been out on the market for a while, the company that produced it, New England Digital, put out the synclavier II. The second model was more up to date and had some modifications that made the second system quite an improvement over the first system. Many music producers and studios did not hesitate to purchase the second system with all its upgrades; however, it would be the last one that they purchased from New England Digital.

The first and second models of the synclaier were the only two that were built before the company went out of business.

Since then, other companies have created similar equipment that is more affordable for people in the music industry to purchase.

One might wonder why musicians would be attracted to the use of electronic devices in their music. One reason why people in the industry were interested in the clavier systems is because they felt that it not only added to their music, it also added a unique sound that helped to make another change to their music.

Musicians and music producers are always looking for something that could make the music they put out different and the synclavier systems offered this opportunity. Even though the systems were very expensive, it was felt at the time that they were worth every penny and with all the competition and growth happening in the music industry during that time, few were going to hesitate on it.


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