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How To Select An Upright Piano For Your Home

How To Select An Upright Piano For Your Home Upright pianos, whose compactness is considered by some not to equal the tonal excellence of a grand piano, are becoming better in quality every day. An upright piano may be the best size and selection for your home if you need to fit the instrument in a relatively small space. Selecting an upright piano for your home is an important decision and a great amount of thought should be given to all aspects of why you are getting the piano and where the piano will be located. An upright piano is an great investment for the years to come. You will need to determine the room of placement and the amount of space you have available to allocate to your upright, or vertical, piano.

You also need to think about the temperature in the room and relative humidity. The best possible place for an upright piano will be where no draft can affect it, no direct sunlight will shine upon it, and no heating or air conditioning vents will be located nearby to blow air consistently onto the instrument. Weather changes and temperatures in many countries, including North America, can range dramatically, and it can be a challenge to keep a room regulated in a controlled fashion.

The ideal environmental surrounding an upright piano would require the temperature to stay around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, plus or minus 5 degrees. The humidity, ideally, would range around 50 percent, give or take 5 percent. But, if all else fails, as little fluctuation in temperature change as possible would be helpful.

There are four types of upright pianos: spinet, console, studio, and full size (also known as the Professional type). Remembering the measurements you have taken of the space available, know that a standard width for an upright piano is about 5 feet, with a depth of between 2 and 2 feet. While the height of the piano won't figure in the floor space requirements, it will make a difference in the sound of the piano.

Allow 6 inches between the back of the piano and the wall. In your space requirements, you will also want to remember to leave enough room for the piano bench to fit comfortably. Spinet upright pianos are suggested more for decoration, while a console is definitely a piano for the home. The studio upright piano can be comfortable in both home and private studio settings. The Professional full size model can accommodate a home, school use, or use in a private studio.

The Piano Factory's Hollywood Piano Company, located on the web at www.hollywoodpiano.com, has a wonderful selection of all kinds of upright pianos. You are sure to find one to suit your needs and space requirements. The pianos listed on the web site are very reasonably priced and any one of them would make a good choice for your home or studio.

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