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Training to be a Nurse

Population aging is a problem faced by many countries worldwide. This means that more medical services such as diagnostic procedure, radiation therapy, surgery and clinical services are needed. With an increase of these services, there will be a greater demand for health care workers to support these activities. In particular, the category of health care workers that will experience a high surge in demand will be nurses. Hence, it is timely to embark on a nursing course now to be adequately trained for a profession in nursing and be prepared for abundant job opportunities in nursing in the near future. In order for you to participate in this noble career, you will certainly need to receive proper training.

A nursing course will equip you with the necessary skills to take up the job as a nurse. A comprehensive nursing program will provide you with scientific and medical knowledge, practical and clinical skills, communication and documentation skills, and interpersonal skills. Interpersonal skills are considered as one of the units to be covered because of the recognition of its important role in the nursing profession. Interpersonal skills are important because the nurse needs to interact with the patients effectively, treating them as people with physical, emotional and social needs and not just as patients with symptoms of illnesses. Furthermore, the nurse also needs to interact with the caregivers or relatives of the patients as part of their job to provide optimum care for the patients.

In the nursing course, you will learn about nursing care within the health care system, assessing the health status of patients and recognizing the conditions of patients. Some courses focus on different areas according to the categories of patients. For example, there are courses such as, parent-child health nursing, women's health nursing, psychiatric nursing, intensive care nursing and gerontological nursing.

In most of the nursing courses, there is clinical work involved in which you need to work in hospitals, nursing homes, mental health clinics and other community settings. This clinical work will provide you with some hands on experience while working with patients and other health professionals. In addition, you will be offered additional training in areas such as the legal aspects of professional nursing, nursing management and nursing research. The fundamental quality of a nurse is the ability to care. In providing care, you need to treat the patient as a person with physical, psychological and social needs. Besides, you also need to be empathetic and sensitive to the needs of the patient, as well as the patients' relatives and friends.

Undeniably, this job entails both physical and emotional demands. In working as a nurse, you will need to develop good communication skills. This is necessary because you need to communicate clear, concise and timely information to your patients, relatives of patients, as well as your colleagues. As a nurse, your responsibilities are considered important, sometimes even critical, especially you are required to dispense medication to the critically ill. An error on your part may result in drastic consequences.

Hence, you have to carry out medical instructions carefully and efficiently. Being a nurse is both challenging and rewarding. The challenges include meeting the needs of the patients and at the same time, coping with your own physical and emotional stress. The rewards are evident when you see the recovery of your patients, their gratitude towards your effort, the appreciation showed by the patients' family for your care and the praise you received from your superiors for a job well done. Being a nurse gives you the opportunity to provide care for those who need it and experience the joy of seeing the rewards of your efforts.

Do you want to touch the lives of others? If you are keen to create a positive impact on the lives of others, perhaps you can consider working as a nurse. To start a career in nursing, you need to take up a course.

Rose Mary. Freelance writer on various interest topics. For more information on distant learning and how to get your qualification for a better future, please visit Distance Learning University/

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