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Damned Machines - Man Vs Machine: The Downfall of Humanity

Alright, you got me, I admit it. I’m a total geek. I make sweet, sweet love to my Blackberry Curve on a regular basis, all my music is in MP3 format, and, yes, Google is my friend (with benefits). Gotta love technology, right? I mean, gone our the days where we actually had to remember phone numbers (hell, I’ll be damned if I even remember my own), a limitless music library is just a click away and most of us pay our bills (gag) without using a single shred of paper. Sounds completely awesome, doesn’t it? A sci-fi world come to life – Ahhhh….

…Well, maybe not. All of this has gotten me thinking (if you smell smoke, call the Feds). All of this supposedly remarkable technology is slowly but surely robbing us humans of what’s most valuable to us – Our minds. We can’t remember phone numbers, appointments, holidays or even simple directions any longer without using our trusty phones or doing a quick internet search. Our spelling is going down the tubes, because, hey, Word’s got a built-in spell check, and our handwriting (what’s that?) – well, with email and electronic bill payments, who the hell needs to write anymore? I’m actually rather surprised the ink manufacturers haven’t gone bankrupt, one by one. Here, my friends, is where The Machines begin to get smarter than we are, and that will be a sad, sad day for us all.

So, come on, think about it – I’m the first to admit technology is a beautiful thing, but am I the only one out there who thinks its beginning to get a bit….too wonderful? I’m just waiting with bated breath to know what you all think, and, yes, as always, death threats, booing and little dead fishes in my mailbox are always welcome.

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Written by JD Read more at http://www.jerklogic.com


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