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Taking Control of Your Gambling Addiction - Realizing you have a problem is the first step in taking control of your gambling addiction and that you are headed in the right direction.

Notes on the History of the Piano - Summary: A quick look at surprising genesis of the piano and how it has evolved across the centuries.

Professional Guitar Lessons Ebook - Many guitar ebooks contain songs that a beginner can use to learn how to play the guitar as easily and as fast as possible.

Guitar Grip Technique - It is important for a person to learn how to handle the guitar properly while learning to play.

Power Words How to Make Your Song Lyrics Stronger - Power words are words that instantly convey a picture.

A Brief History of Gibson Guitars - Orville Gibson first started making instruments in the late 1800s with his innovative mandolin.

Shred Guitar The Greatest Lead Guitar Playing Myth - There are a lot of theories floating around in the guitar player community about the techniques to improving your guitar playing speed.

Country Western Train Beat And Country Rock Styles History And Development Drummers Guide - In the 1970s, Country music, with artists such as Charlie Daniels, began incorporating the sound and influence of mainstream Rock n' Roll.

Todays Drum Kits How Important Is The Drum Brand - You want to buy a really good drum kit.

The Big Band Music Style History And Development Drummers Guide - The Big Bands styles and rhythms dominated popular music in recordings, radio, and live settings.

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